Bamboo Chip & Dip

Handcrafted bamboo chip and dip bowls from Core Bamboo are perfect for parties. These colorful and unique bamboo serving sets make a statement at any event!

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Serve Snacks in a Bamboo Chip and Dip!

The deep contour of this beautiful, handcrafted bamboo chip and dip set from Core Bamboo is ideal for serving chips, vegetables and snacks with your favorite dip.

This spun bamboo serving bowl will clean with ease!

The removable bowl makes this bamboo chip and dip serving set easy to use and to clean. These stylish, colorful pieces will become the center of attention at your next party.

Mix and Match all of our colorful bowls and chip and dips!

Core Bamboo chip and dips are available in a variety of bright colors. Mix and match these spun bamboo serving sets to suit your own personal style!

Check out the Revolving Adjustable Chip and Dip too!

An Adjustable Bamboo Chip and Dip from Core Bamboo is perfect for your next party. A crisp white ceramic bowl sits in the center of a natural bamboo revolving tray. This classy bamboo chip and dip set has adjustable dividers.

Core Bamboo is the proud manufacturer and wholesaler of Bamboo Chip and Dips and more of the world’s finest Bamboo products including bamboo cutting boards, bowls, serving trays and utensils. Cor Bamboo products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment. Core Bamboo takes great pride in the outstanding quality of their bamboo kitchen products.